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John and Samantha Constant  Recording artists . SONGWRITERS Designers . AUTHORs . Performers

House of Constant is the Austin based creative team of John and Samantha Constant, founding band members of the psych indie group, Kodachrome. Their musical recordings, videos, live performances and film soundtracks have been featured / recognized on NPR, MTV, Park City Film Music Festival, Film Music Magazine, SXSW, Austin Music Awards, Texas Music Matters, MOKB, Pop Matters, Elle, Deli Austin, Flagpole, Austin Andy Warhol Exhibit, Austin Chronicle, and The Contemporary Austin.


Fueled with a serious obsession of Italian made musical equipment, Spaghetti Western, Indie Shoegaze, French Cafe and Electronic Pop music and a background in fashion design, art, and screenwriting, this team has a unique perspective on making music for other mediums and parallel universes.


The duo is now returning to their indie-noise-pop roots working with band mate and Grammy winning producer, Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Octopus Project, White Denim),  on the 3rd indie Kodachrome release, RGB Triptych, a set of 3 EPs. These recordings represent the sound and song the Constants have strived for from the beginning - 60’s drone, French dream pop, and space/western flavors refined from film endeavors.


Recording Artists

Kodachrome Indie Psych


Screenplay / Shadow Ghost Childrens Story


Web, grapic art, visual, clothing and jewelry design

Kodachrome - Indie Psych rock



Austin Deli August 2016 band of the month

"This local quintet hits a sweet spot between the retro-futurism of School of Seven Bells and Octopus Project's luminous landscapes, especially in the sci-fi instrumental "Isabella Blue's Crash Landing." - Austin Chronicle

"Written right after hot-shit producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Maserati, Voxtrot, The Octopus Project, Explosions in the Sky) joined the band, this focused sophomore album by the potential breakout Austin dream-pop group is romantically adrift in the zero-gravity space-age fantasia of the late '60s and '70s. Coaxing similar vintage futurism to early Air and Ladytron, 10th of Always is all sleek, silvery lines and twinkling stars. Giving the voyage some bite and vibe are fuzzed edges and analog groans." - Flagpole

"The winning formula? KAPOW! Hit em with deadly radio slaying pop assassins straight off. BAM! At halftime, leap off the beaten path, go a tad 'trippy' and frankly 'wig out'. Convert those skeptics whilst delivering essential artistic depth! WHAM! Toss off a more amazin' pop gems seemingly effortlessly as if you could do this in your sleep. BOKKO! Deliver your brutal smackdown, the victorious n' epic kiss-off finale before completing a saucy lap of honour. People of Pop, 10th of Always knows this secret formula. No rehearsals, no breaks, no fucking around. Let's get down to business. This is it, tonight is forever. It's all happening, baby, and this is their happening." - Pop Matters

"You know how we all got really stoned the other night and started talking about the space-time continuum, and then saw ourselves in the future, but it was really more like the past because there was so much synth and it was the Cars, but it wasn't the Cars, and we were in this bunker that looked like the hatch from Lost, and then I said, "You mean that's us in the future?" and you said "Yep," but then it got all kaleidoscopic and our minds were blown!? You don't? Well, it turns out John and Samantha Constant were filming that entire thing, and they made it the video for Candi and the Strangers' [Kodachrome] cover of "Moving in Stereo", which is a special non-album single to tease their upcoming sophomore LP, 10th of Always. "

Austin Sound


moving picture Soundtracks

Kill or Be Killed soundtrack debuted at Dallas International Film festival in April, 2015, with the Examiner stating  "There is an actual score for a low-budget independent film that sounds like a million dollars (or more)”.


"Red On Yella Kill A Fella employs a wash of gentle, psychedelic waves that drift beneath the airy female vocals of Samantha Constant recalling the work of Nancy Sinatra."

- pop press international

Man On A Mission score was among best scores of 2012 by Film Music Magazine and a silver medalist at Park City Film Music Festival for best feature documentary soundtrack.


This Epic Sci-Fi Trilogy set in the backdrop of Multiverse travel, follows a rogue traveller agent as she explores the entire range of living spaces from digital personas, humans, machines, and everything in between.

The 2nd in the series, 10TH OF ALWAYS, was awarded Austin Film Festival Dark Hero Top 10.

CHILDREN OF THE TONE is an audio-visual space odyssey 2nd rounder Austin Film Festival and Blue Cat Festival Quarter Finalist screenplay. 

"It’s not everyday I get to give a script scores of 9 for originality and description. This story absolutely warrants it. You have packed these pages with wonderfully imaginative images and ideas that open the mind to all kinds of terrific visuals. There are so many points in this story where I felt like I was completely losing myself in the sheer vividness of your descriptions. It’s a fantastic concoction of stargazing sci-fi and whimsical fantasy. It reminds me of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Fountain."

- Blue Cat Screenplay Festival Judge 

SHADOW GHOST, a children's story in the style of Dr. Seuss, follows a giant shadow being that falls from the sky to make unlikely friends with tiny Finch creatures. Ultimately the story will be set to music following the tradition of The Land of Point.



Samantha Constant's line of clothing called StrangeLife and the Constant's music we're featured in Elle Magazine and 

Sportswear International amid demand from NY and Paris boutiques.


Art, Graphic Design, Clothing Design and Jewelry Design are ongoing interests.

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